Introduce / History of establishment and development


Starting as a distributor of lighting equipment, the company quickly rose to become one of the sales leaders in the lighting equipment business. In 2007, the company was established with 3 founding shareholders, a total staff of 5 people with the main business of distributing lighting equipment of the brands PHILIPS, SYLVANIA, OSRAM,...

In 2008, after 1 year of operation, the company has affirmed its position, established a wide distribution system throughout the Northern region; products are present in most of the works and projects throughout the North; The personnel team is also significantly enhanced with over 20 people.

2009 marked an important turning point in the company's development. In line with the orientation not only stopping at commercial business but also expanding into the field of investment and production, Slighting Vietnam Joint Stock Company was officially established, headquartered at 449 Au Co - Nhat Tan - Tay Ho - Hanoi; representative office located at 1146 Nguyen Khoai - Hoang Mai - Hanoi; A steel lamp post factory for public and urban lighting was established at Lien Phuong Industrial Complex - Thuong Tin - Hanoi and a 2,000m2 lamp assembly workshop at Nguyen Khoai - Hoang Mai - Hanoi with a staff of over 40 enthusiastic people including electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, skilled workers with many experiences.

Slighting Vietnam Joint Stock Company meets ISO 2001: 2015 quality standards, the product is certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as "Energy saving product", trademark SLIGHTING is registered for copyright.

With the trend and determination to expand the southern market, the representative office of Slighting Vietnam Joint Stock Company is located in Ho Chi Minh City. And in November 2013, another member company was established here named Vietnam Lighting Technology Joint Stock Company. By November 2015, Vietnam Lighting Technology Joint Stock Company was approved by the People's Committee of Dong Nai Province to invest in "Lighting equipment factory" in Phuoc Binh - Long Thanh - Dong Nai industrial cluster with a total investment of 128 billion dong, 4.1ha of production area and 2.8ha of building office and accommodation for employees. The factory is located in a very convenient location, located in a dynamic economic development zone, 15km from Cai Mep - Thi Vai deep-water ports, 5km from Long Thanh airport, 5km from Long Thanh - Ben Luc highway and far from Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa City, Vung Tau City about 30-35 minutes by car.

Thus, with less than 10 years of hard work, our company has grown steadily and sustainably. The prestige and position of the Company is also confirmed in the international arena through the export of products to Laos, Cambodia, and Nigeria.